Custom Essays

Custom essays, as opposed to pre-written essays, are essays that are written specifically for the customer, who may be a college student, a high school pupil, or a professional. Custom essay writing services are common methods for receiving academic help nowadays, and it is important that students know how to use them effectively.

When a customer orders a custom essay, he gives the writing service instructions on what type of paper he needs: subject, length, style, references, and any other instructions the client think are necessary. The service then assigns the essay to a writer, who writes a paper specific to the customer’s specifications.

A custom-written essay will often include a bibliography page, a title page, appendices, and other related pages. The references will be written according go instructions given by the customer, and may follow any of the standard reference formats: APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard.

Custom essays are superior to pre-written essays because they are unique, as in one of a kind. Custom-written essays will not be caught by Turnitin or by any other anti-plagiarism software because they have never existed before. It is therefore always better to order essays from a reliable company that writes custom essays “from scratch”.

A good writing service can provide writing services across the academic spectrum, not just in one particular field. Beware of companies that specialize in one field because they are likely not companies but one person working alone, unsupervised and unaccountable to his customers.

A good custom essay writing will provide its customers with free revisions for a limited time, to ensure that the customer received a product with which he is satisfied. It will also offer refunds in case the paper is not delivered in time.

Despite common misconceptions, using a custom essay writing service is not illegal. The essays produced by the service are used as models to assist the student in preparation of his academic assignments, and are not meant to be submitted as the student’s work. Therefore, use of these services is not illegal or even unethical. Nevertheless, a student is encouraged to check with his university, college, or school before ordering a custom essay to ensure that the use of the custom essay service is permitted under the school’s rules.

When ordering a custom essay, make sure you give your writer all the information he needs, and invite him to ask questions. The more information the writer has, the more likely he is to provide you what the essay you need.


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